Does Hair Loss Restoration Work?

The health of hair is becoming a critical issue these days because of various external as well as internal parameters. With chaotic work routines and a polluted environment to live in, the hair becomes one of the first victims of all these harmful factors that we are exposed to day in and day out. Of course, there can be several genetic and hereditary reasons for hair loss as well. But the majority of people who face the issue of hair loss are doing so because of environmental pollutants and their own hectic lifestyles and lack of overall well-being.

Reasons for Hair Loss

· Stress is the most common cause of hair fall these days. Being under constant duress for a long period of time can wreak havoc on a person’s body, especially the hair. And given our hectic work schedules and a general sense of chaos in our lifestyles, stress becomes somewhat of a permanent partner leading to issues like hair loss.

· Pollutants in our immediate environment are also to be blamed for hair loss. Our hair is highly susceptible to its external environment. Too much exposure to dust and other poisonous pollutants resulting from traffic etc. can severely damage the hair and lead to its breakage.

· Lack of proper nutrition is another major cause of hair loss. Hair depends a lot on what nutrients our body consumes. Not eating enough fruits and vegetables and overly indulging in junk food can show its direct effect on hair.

Methods to Grow Hair Back

Thankfully, there are several methods to induce hair growth and stopping the process of hair fall. Some of them are listed below:

hair loss therapy

· Reducing the number of chemicals we put in our hair can make a difference in the amount of hair one loses. Chemicals dry out the hair a lot and make them break.

· Indulging in some natural conditioning treatments at least once a week will give great results over a period of time. Deep conditioning is extremely important to keep those roots healthy. There are many options available like coconut oil, milk, honey, and lemon, etc.

· Eating nutritious food can also stop hair fall and make it healthy once again. In reality, the appearance of the hair on the outside is just a reflection of what we actually put inside. So one has to indulge in a lot of fresh fruits and veggies, beans, lean protein whether it is from meat or vegetables. Including all these healthy ingredients in your diet can strengthen your hair and insulate it from breakage.

· Using essential oils is another solution for restoring hair and making it grow back.

· And finally, if nothing else works, going for hair transplantation is the last resort (FAQ: How Does The Bosley Hair Restoration Work?). This is becoming more and more common by the day and a lot of reputed hair clinics can be found to be doing this (FAQ: Does Bosley Really Work?).


Taking good care of hair is a long term process. One may not see results immediately but if all the methods mentioned above are sincerely followed consistently over a period of at least a couple of months, then there can be a drastic change in the health of one’s hair and its appearance as well.

Choosing The Right Essential Oils For Your Skin

Human skin is one of the most sensitive organs of the body. It can sense even the slightest change in the external atmosphere and can benefit from the smallest positive stimuli and similarly are harmed from the negative ones.

Essential oils provide such a soothing effect on the skin, which can be visible and felt almost as it is applied to the skin. These products are soft and are made from natural herbs and plants.

In this section, we give you a brief listing of the oils that are important for various skin types.

Oily Skin 

The essential oils that are specially meant for an oily skin carry ingredients that help in controlling the moisture and excessive secretions. The most important ones include bergamot, cedarwood, cypress, frankincense, sage, geranium and lavender.

Dry skin 

Essential oils are especially very useful for those having dry skin. This is primarily because these oils help in providing the skin with that extra moisture it always needs. The main oils for this purpose include chamomile, hyssop, patchouli, rose, and sandalwood.

Normal skin 

Normal skin is usually the one requiring the least amount of effort. The most important oils for this purpose include fennel, lemon, geranium, chamomile, and rose.

As for the combination skin, a well-planned mixture has to be used, including the oils meant for both the oily, as well as the dry skin.

Now we look at cosmetics, the products you use for your body define the very look you carry. The finesse which is reflected in your persona comes from a long drawn saga of toil, careful planning, and patience.

The same determination goes into choosing cosmetics and skin care products for you. It is important that you equip yourself with the right kind of information so that you end up making the right choices when you actually set out to build your own cosmetics’ kit.

Here we furnish a quick outline of the tips to help you choose your cosmetics.

jojoba oil

Skin tone 

It is important to know your skin tone. For instance, when buying a foundation, you should pick up a lighter foundation if you have a fairer skin and so on.

Skin type 

Know your skin type before you buy. Water-based products are best suited for oily skin, while those with a dry skin should choose a heavier base for their make-up.

Personal style 

Your make-up should reflect who you are. If your style is all flashy and bright, you need to carry a heavy make-up. Similarly, if you prefer giving a simple look, only a light make-up will do, which will further determine the choice of products you make.

Something that works great is to use jojoba-based oil for face wrinkles The best one so far has been Desert Essence. You can read reviews of Desert Essence jojoba oil at the link.

The ingredients 

It is also important that the products you choose should have ingredients which have a minimal possibility of causing an allergic reaction

Every skin type has its own blessings and woes. Be it oily, normal, dry or combination skin, each skin type has its weaker points and of course comfort-giving aspects also. There are certain facts about every skin type which are important to know to enable the best possible care.

Great For Hair And… Dogs?

If you’re interested in learning more about the effects of essential oils on your hair or even how it can help your furry friend, a good candidate would be neem oil. You can learn more about neem’s distinctive properties and qualities here: Buy Organic Neem Oil – Hair Growth and also don’t miss out the post about how to use neem oil for dogs fleas

4 Reasons Why Colon Cleansing is Pro-Health

detox from toxins

Colon cleansing is helping colon walls get rid of their excess toxins. These could have amassed over time with the food we consume, the air we breathe, the water we drink and other lifestyle related habits. Periodic cleansing is essential since the accumulated debris can enter the bloodstream and slowly poison the person, leading to multiple symptoms – bloating, fatigue, weight gain and irritated skin – and health issues, from allergies and depression to cancer and arthritis.

Let us take a brief look at some of the potential benefits of getting a colon cleansing procedure done.

a) Effective Digestive System
As the accumulated wastes are flushed out the system, they make better space for newer food substances. This contributes to the nutrient absorption capacity of the walls The presence of older food particles within the system not just hinders the ability of fresh food to pass on its characteristics to the body, but the wastes also become breeding grounds for various illnesses, bacteria, parasites and viruses.

b) Constipation Prevention
Constipation patients are likely to be the biggest beneficiaries of this procedure. Constipation is basically no bowel movement for days, indicative of a sluggish digestive system. In addition to cleaning the system, the medicinal fluid also heals or detoxes colon walls.

c) Increased Energy
Body toxin release rejuvenates one’s physical and mental health. The feeling of a light and clean stomach is good enough to indulge in various aspects of life with tremendous vigor and passion. This boost in energy is not a placebo effect. The fresh influx of energy is the energy saved that was previously expended on forcing out intestine wastes Since the effort is no longer needed, the energy is saved. In addition, some people have also noticed improved blood circulation, energy boost, and more peaceful sleep after a colon cleanse. That’s why a common practice is to take detox baths for example by using bentonite clay as seen here: – Bath

d) Weight Loss
Cleaning the colon often leads to weight loss; some claim to have shed away several pounds of weight over a month period. The human colon, on an average, can hold food matter equivalent to eight meals before the digestion process kicks in. And when the digestion process begins, there’s no guarantee all the food leftovers will exit the system. As a result, food matter that isn’t successfully out in the open adds to the individual’s overall weight – just like the way bones and flesh do. With a thorough cleanse and expulsion of stagnated fecal matter, considerable weight loss is often the result. It kick-starts metabolism and you’re able to focus much better on your whole-body wellness and food choices.

If attempting a detox using sea water, it is important to be aware of certain dangers involved as explained here: Salt Water Flush Dangers – Naturains

How to Detox Your Body in 1 Day

In this first post, we will explore a pretty common habit and question that people have/should acquire. Watch this video to understand what it takes to detox your body and how you can approach this in a shorter time-frame, such as a day or two, if you are time-deprived.