Does Hair Loss Restoration Work?

The health of hair is becoming a critical issue these days because of various external as well as internal parameters. With chaotic work routines and a polluted environment to live in, the hair becomes one of the first victims of all these harmful factors that we are exposed to day in and day out. Of course, there can be several genetic and hereditary reasons for hair loss as well. But the majority of people who face the issue of hair loss are doing so because of environmental pollutants and their own hectic lifestyles and lack of overall well-being.

Reasons for Hair Loss

· Stress is the most common cause of hair fall these days. Being under constant duress for a long period of time can wreak havoc on a person’s body, especially the hair. And given our hectic work schedules and a general sense of chaos in our lifestyles, stress becomes somewhat of a permanent partner leading to issues like hair loss.

· Pollutants in our immediate environment are also to be blamed for hair loss. Our hair is highly susceptible to its external environment. Too much exposure to dust and other poisonous pollutants resulting from traffic etc. can severely damage the hair and lead to its breakage.

· Lack of proper nutrition is another major cause of hair loss. Hair depends a lot on what nutrients our body consumes. Not eating enough fruits and vegetables and overly indulging in junk food can show its direct effect on hair.

Methods to Grow Hair Back

Thankfully, there are several methods to induce hair growth and stopping the process of hair fall. Some of them are listed below:

hair loss therapy

· Reducing the number of chemicals we put in our hair can make a difference in the amount of hair one loses. Chemicals dry out the hair a lot and make them break.

· Indulging in some natural conditioning treatments at least once a week will give great results over a period of time. Deep conditioning is extremely important to keep those roots healthy. There are many options available like coconut oil, milk, honey, and lemon, etc.

· Eating nutritious food can also stop hair fall and make it healthy once again. In reality, the appearance of the hair on the outside is just a reflection of what we actually put inside. So one has to indulge in a lot of fresh fruits and veggies, beans, lean protein whether it is from meat or vegetables. Including all these healthy ingredients in your diet can strengthen your hair and insulate it from breakage.

· Using essential oils is another solution for restoring hair and making it grow back.

· And finally, if nothing else works, going for hair transplantation is the last resort (FAQ: How Does The Bosley Hair Restoration Work?). This is becoming more and more common by the day and a lot of reputed hair clinics can be found to be doing this (FAQ: Does Bosley Really Work?).


Taking good care of hair is a long term process. One may not see results immediately but if all the methods mentioned above are sincerely followed consistently over a period of at least a couple of months, then there can be a drastic change in the health of one’s hair and its appearance as well.